Specialist Fixed Wing training

Specialist Fixed Wing Training

Vantage Aviation is a specialist training provider from Fixed Wing to Rotary Wing, offering not only private and professional licences but also specialist training courses.

Our background is military aviation – the most challenging and demanding of environments.

Our instructors have in excess of 4000 hours in a minimum of 9 different aircraft types, have seen active service, and hold the Central Flying School post nominal.

As an ELCAS approved training provider, Vantage Aviation trains the pilots of tomorrow.


Courses Available

  • Night Flying
    To enable the applicant to conduct all flight profiles at night
  • Hot and High
    To enable the applicant to operate the aircraft and equipment in a hot and high environment 
  • Sensor Operator
    To enable the applicant top qualify as a sensor operator for military or civilian applications.
  • Mutual Support
    To enable the applicant to conduct fixed wing mutual support operations day and night. Where qualified to include NVD operations and operate in high threat environments.
  • Tail Dragger
    To enable the applicant to operate a Tailwheel aircraft on grass and unprepared strips
  • NVD Techniques​
    To enable the applicant to conduct all flight profiles and responsibilities using NVD equipment including flying and non-flying pilot roles where applicable and to navigate accurately using NVD equipment.​
  • FAA to EASA
    To enable the applicant to be prepared to pass the required theoretical exams and the skills test to obtain the desired licence.

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